Sunset Incense Cones by P.F. Candle Co.

Terra Bella Flowers

$ 14.00 

Smoke that uplifts a space and fragrance that lingers even after extinguishing.

DUSK: Clary Sage, Iris, Palo Santo

MOONRISE: Yuzu, Indian Jasmine, Smoked Cedarwood

SWELL: Black Currant, Tuberose, Sea Moss

Each cone burns for approximately 25 minutes, elevating a space with scent in under an hour. Depending on room size, scent longevity lasts between 2-4 hours.

Each tin contains measures 3" in diameter and 2.2" in height, and contains 30 incense cones.


Terra Bella Flowers

7319 Greenwood Ave N ~ Seattle, WA 98103

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