Terra Bella Flowers

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Chakra | Heart


These healing kits are sacred alter tools. Each tool kit is curated to balance your chakras, clear your aura, cleanser home and body—mind and spirit. Reiki infused. 

These items are intended to open your heart to the abundance of love and good fortune in your life.

This Heart Collection Includes:

Smudge | White Sage, Red & Pink Rose Petals- Sage burning is inherited from ancient Egyptian, Roman, European, & Native American healing traditions. All sage sustainably sourced.

Crystal | Rose Quartz- This renowned conduit of love attracts & preserves love from others & for self.

Stone | Aventurine- The “Lucky Talisman” aids in the release of old patterns toward confident renewal.

 Smudge Ritual Plate & Match Box

Chalk | Setting Intention

Salt Vial | Cleansing & Extinguishing


Your home is your sacred temple - Amplify your energy. Raise your home frequency.  

Healing Properties
Be the beacon 
the light will find you 
Be the game
the players got you 
Be the vessel  
the Universe will ignite. 


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