Terra Bella Flowers

$ 195.00 
Size:  Generous

Eve is our harbinger of Spring. This simple design showcases an exquisite handmade vase, created by our favourite local ceramic artist. 
Locally grown, forced blooming branches, chartreuse snowball viburnum and delicate white spray roses. 

From the Maker:

" My goal is to bring warmth and beauty into the home with handmade objects made carefully and thoughtfully."

With the VIT ceramics line, focus is on form rather than pattern. Pieces are hand pinched and formed in clay then slip cast in molds. The result is a surface that is subtly textured, one in which the “artist’s hand” is visible. 

VIT”, Swedish for white, is a natural name for this range of contemporary handmade ceramics with thin, raised white stripes as its signature detail​​​​​​​

Please note: flower selection is based upon seasonal availability and may vary slightly from the image shown. The design will stay true to the aesthetic of the pictured arrangement.


Terra Bella Flowers

7319 Greenwood Ave N ~ Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 783-0205 ~ hello@terrabellaflowers.com