Terra Bella Flowers

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Your home is your sacred temple - Amplify your energy. Raise your home frequency. 


Healing Properties
Be the beacon 
the light will find you 
Be the game
the players got you 
Be the vessel  
the Universe will ignite. 


About Ola Wyola and Owner Rainbow Manier;

Rainbow is a Reiki Master and intuitive healer, who has created a uniquely powerful practice - her Soul Journey Ceremonies. She offers a variety of services, including: frequency raising and a spectrum of healing therapies addressing everything from reclaiming the Soul, to cleaning, clearing and letting go.

Rainbow-Renee Wyola Manier, her legal name, is the original Rainbow! Named by her father who was inspired by his neighbor, fellow Seattle rocker and one of his musical influences, Jimi Hendrix. She was given the name Wyola by a First Nations Shaman. Rainbow was born into the Bohemian lifestyle into a Hippie tribe, a mixed-race family of musicians, dancers, artists, and teachers who were dedicated to the holistic way of living.

Rainbow owns a family-run store and healing center focusing on sustainable living, wellness, and consciousness. She is a jewelry designer who creates Soul Chains, crystal amulets strung on vintage chains - infused with the moon cycle, sound, Reiki, and protective intentions. Rainbow creates Chakra Cans - handcrafted from ancient geometry - a spiral, these energetic candles are Chakra igniting works of art. Made with soy and coconut wax and dipped in crystal mica, these beauties are perfect for candle gazing and manifestations. A mother to an 18 and 23-year-old, her tribe is the most gratifying experience of all!



    Terra Bella Flowers

    7319 Greenwood Ave N ~ Seattle, WA 98103

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